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What is RoyalQ

RoyalQ is a robot that trades for you.

The Royal Q quantification system is a revolutionary new way to invest your money. The intelligence behind it will intelligently match you with different investment styles, maximizing customer profitability and satisfaction through all mechanisms of the invention!

With the click of a button, you can start investing your money in any style that suits you best. This intelligent system will match up with different investment strategies according to what’s happening on Wall Street and maximize customer profits!

Proof of concept

Real profit examples

Here some screenshots of users who has made daily profit.

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power of quantitative finance

Quantitative Trading Strategy

The RoyalQ Trading Bot is a revolutionary new bot that uses artificial intelligence algorithms, eliminating the problem of users’ unprofessional judgement and trend failure by automatically matching quantitative trading strategies. It does this in time so you don’t have to worry about losing money due your lackadaisical approach!

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Trading made simple

Easy to operate

The user only needs to bind their Binance or Huobi Exchange APIs, select the corresponding cryptocurrency for trading and as fast as one click they can utilize our intelligent quantitative financial management tool.

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safety first

Non-invasive integration

No need to worry about your fund’s safety. The non-invasive integration with the API of your exchange will ensure its safeness, and it has no direct access to any capital from you or anyone else!


Best Features

Check out the benefits of RoyalQ Trading Bot..

Artificial Intelligence
Smart tracking

It is a powerful and intelligent algorithm that has been designed to provide smart tracking of trades, data analysis with the ability to execute corresponding operations strategies.

24/7 Uptime
Limitless earning possibilities

The Royal Q Trading Bot never sleeps, always ensuring you have a steady flow of income.

Real-time Strategy
Adaptative execution

The RoyalQ Trading Bot will take you safely and profitably through the bulls or bears of any market. It adapts to different conditions in real-time, utilizing endless trading styles!

Introducing the RoyalQ App

The time to invest in digital currency is now! Begin your quantitative trading journey with one click, and start earning dividends today.

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  • User friendly interface.
  • Bult-in user guide & video tutorials.
  • Works on Android, iOS, PC and Mac.
How to get started

Setup tutorial

Eager to start earning coins? Click the button below and you’ll find a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how RoyalQ earnings work! If at any point during your journey, questions arise then don’t hesitate to reach out via telegram. We’re here 24/7 ready to support 🙂

Step 1
  • Registering on RoyalQ is easy! Register with your email by clicking one of the buttons above.
Step 2
Download the App
  • Simply download the RoyalQ App and log in.
Step 3
Register on Binance
  • Register on Binance by clicking one of the buttons above, download their App and log in. Do your account's verification to become a full member!
  • Once you are logged in to Binance you need to buy USDT and deposit it in your Wallet. Depending on how much you'd like to trade with.
Step 5
140 USDT
  • The minimum deposit is 140 USDT (120 for the annual membership, 20 for prepaid fuel).
Step 5.1
How to deposit
  • Open the RoyalQ App
  • Press "Assets"
  • Press "Recharge"
  • Copy the link
Step 5.2
How to deposit
  • Open Binance
  • Go to your "Wallet"
  • Go to "Spot"
  • Choose "USDT"
  • Klick "Withdraw"
  • Paste the address that was shown and copied before
  • Enter the minimum amount of 120 or more
  • Last but not least be sure the Network name is TRC20.
Step 6
Activate RoyalQ Robot
  • Open the App RoyalQ
  • Press "Activation"
  • Click "Fuel" and confirm.
Step 7
Create an API
  • Open your Binance App;
  • Click "More";
  • Click "API Management";
  • Create an API (choose any name);
  • Screenshot the QR code after pressing the arrow.;
  • Click the "Enable Spot & margin Trading" box.
Step 8
  • Open your RoyalQ App;
  • Click "API Binding";
  • Choose Binance;
  • Click the square on API Key;
  • Choose the Picture of the QR in your gallery;
  • Enter your verification code and agree to the terms.
Step 9
Start earning!
  • You start by choosing between 3-5 cryptos.
  • Continue to monitor your RoyalQ App and make sure that the fuel fee amount is always above 10 USDT.
API Binding Tutorial

Supported By

The RoyalQ - binance
The RoyalQ - huobi

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided the most common questions and answers. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Conservatively between 22 to 50 percent per month (bear or bull seasons).P.S Please know this is a worse case scenario. The ROYALQ bot has recorded huge gains in excess of ten times the average returns especially in (bull markets).

To activate the RoyalQ bot, you'll need to send 140USDT to your Royal Q app (120USDT for activation and 20USDT for the gas fee which the bot will use for trading on your behalf).You will also need a minimum of 150USDT in your Binance or Huobi account for trading purposes.In total you need 290 USDT to start trading and make between 1%-10% daily profit of your trading capital.

No set up takes less than 15 minutes.

The ROYALQ bot is for anyone and everybody's profiting regardless of class, religion, age, academic background or race.

Ofcourse, Yes you can, ROYALQ bot does not hold deposit, your money is in your exchange account always.

As you know, many online companies and individuals have promised heaven and earth, in the end 99.9 percent of the time they have scammed people of their hard earned money. But with the ROYALQ bot you will always remain in control 24/7. ROYALQ is the gamechanger and nothing comes close to this innovation.

YES! Though in ROYALQ no one is compelled to refer anyone to make money or be active on the platform. But if you do refer others, there’s a mouth watering benefit for you. You can always ask the person who shared this information with you to know more and help you get started immediately.

The ROYALQ bot helps you to be in control of making money from the cryptocurrency market without being an expert. In simple English, You will be able to print your own money from the crypto market without stress.

No, with ROYALQ many newbies have said they will recommend this even to their grandmas because it is very easy to understand and use. 90% have declared it profitable in their first month.

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