Binance Exchange API Binding Tutorial

To bind your RoyalQ App with Binance Exchange, please follow this guide. First open Binance app.

RoyalQ Binance Binding Step1

Then, under the “Others” area (the last one), select API Management.

RoyalQ Binance Binding Step2

You’ll need to give your new API key a name after you’ve gotten there. Then press the create button.

Then, on the current API you have created, click modify and configure the API’s restrictions.

The only boxes you’ll tick are “Enable Reading” and “Enable Spot & Margin Trading.” The rest of the packages will remain unticked.

RoyalQ API Binance Binding Step 3

Then go to API access limitation and scroll down. Select the second checkbox above, “Restrict access to trusted IPs only.”

Return to Royal Q and copy the IP address from there, pasting it into the space provided and clicking confirm. The Robot’s accessibility to your trading account and funds is restricted with these settings. As a result, all of the funds in your account are protected!

Then return to your Royal Q account’s home page, where you’ll notice four icons.

  • API binding
  • Revenue
  • Transaction
  • Invite Friend
RoyalQ Binance API binding step 4

Select Binance by clicking on the API binding.

RoyalQ IP assignement

Click Binance and enter the credentials if you’re a Binance user. Go to Binance and grab your API and Secret keys one by one, then put them into the appropriate spaces in Royal Q.

After you’ve pasted them in, click the “send” verification code, copy the number Royal Q provided to your email address, and enter it into the area provided.

After that, click the risk box and then bind.

To begin trading, go to the app’s home page and scroll down until you find Quantitative.

Select the pair you wish the app to trade on your account by clicking on it. Then, to monitor your profits, go to the main page and click on “Revenue,” which will show you your everyday progress.

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