Description Of Margin Call Configuration

RoyalQ Trading Margin Setting

Depending on the percentage drops, this configuration reveals how much depth you’ll be purchasing.

Consider the following scenario: your capital value is $100, with a $10 first buy-in, and you’re utilizing four margin calls. This indicates your initial call will be one time at a market depth of 3.5 percent. That is, if the price of the coin you’re selling falls by 3.5 percent, the Robot will purchase an additional one time at the $10 “First Buy-In Amount.” ($10 multiplied by one equals $10)

We have 4 percent and two times in the second call on the image above. This implies that if the currency lowers another 4%, the Robot will buy a couple more at the price of your “first buy-in amount.”

That’ll be $10 multiplied by two to equal $20. The same is true for the remaining margin calls.

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