How does RoyalQ Works?

Users must connect the app to a third-party exchange or trading system to access the RoyalQ trading bot.

RoyalQ presently only works with the major exchanges listed below:

To get started, create an account with RoyalQ and install the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, depending on your device. However, if you already have a Binance account, log in and link your RoyalQ app to your Binance API credentials to begin trading with the APP. But, there is a 120usdt activation charge to use the RoyalQ app (TRC-20). A one-year subscription costs 120usdt, plus $20 for gas fuel, for a maximum of 140usdt both for gas fuel as well as the activation charge.

When the BOT selects trades (Buy/Sell) for customers, the gas fuel is a small cost. Your Binance or Huobi account will hold the natural trading capital. As a result, you only have minimal access to funds.

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The RoyalQ must eat with and connect with the many platforms. Currently, the royal Q can be exchanged using the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Huobi. Because of the connection with these platforms, the Robot is the most effective since the most important trading sites are here.

How to Register RoyalQ Robot

  • Firstly  make your profile on the website
  • Download the app from the store
  • Log in to the app
  • Activate your account
  • Start the API binding in the app
  • Now start earning

Start using the RoyalQ robot. The program must be downloaded from a variety of online stores. The software is available for download from the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for IOS users. To begin trading with the RoyalQ app after installing it, one must first log in to get access to the Royal app using the Binance API credentials to begin trading with the program. The following are the actions you take to begin trading.

RoyalQ and Binance

To establish a RoyalQ Account, one must first have an email address. In the email, you will get a number that will confirm your subscription. The account password may be obtained with the assistance of the notification code. After you’ve created a strong password, click “register,” and your account will be created appropriately.

After successfully creating your RoyaQ Company account, access it in the app that you have previously downloaded and log into it. When logging into the app, you will need to provide the email address, and password used when creating the account. Activation of the account is the next step that must be completed before you begin trading. Before you can begin selling, you must first activate your Royal Q Bot account. A payment of 120USD is required to activate and validate the Robot’s functionality. When money is placed into a Binance account, the user has total control over the funds in their cryptocurrency wallet.

How royalQ helps Beginners?

To be quite honest, RoyalQ Robot is one of the most user-friendly automatic cryptocurrency trading systems available today. While all trading platforms need some learning and adaptation time, Royal Q has been developed with Low technical traders in mind, and the clean and straightforward interface makes it easy to stay on top of whatever you are doing. RoyalQ is available in both English and Spanish.

RoyalQ Facts

You can withdraw your capital and profits from your Binance account at any moment.

This Robot cannot remove your funds from Binance; it can only trade, not withdraw, depending on your API settings.

Because this Robot trades on SPOT, it cannot be subjected to a Margin Call in the same way that FOREX trading is.

Even if your mobile is turned off or dies, the Robot will continue to operate. You may join VIP groups to ensure that you get an enormous amount of earnings. We will also cover a variety of topics, including robot configuration techniques. And, of course, you will be aided by creating a free landing page for yourself.

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