Royal Q Operation Setting Instructions

You will see something similar to the image below after selecting any pair.

RoyalQ Trading Margin Setting

That’s where you specify the trade settings for the Robot to use when trading.

It is vital to comprehend that your trade settings only apply to the money you are trading with.

Somebody trading $600 will have a unique trading strategy than somebody trading $1500 or $17,000.

However, we’ll do our best to explain it as far as possible so that everyone understands how the options work.

To begin trading, tap on the trade settings button, and you’ll see something similar to the picture below.

RoyalQ Margin Setting

As you can see from the list above, Royal Q has the following:

  • First Buy-In Amount
  • Open Position Doubled 
  • Margin Call Limit
  • Whole Position Take Profit Ratio
  • Whole Position Take Profit Callback
  • Margin Configuration 
  • Buy In Callback

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