RoyalQ Referral System

The networking and marketing income-sharing solutions offered by Royal Q Robot have made the company renowned. Making money with the Robot may be accomplished via trading cryptocurrency and referring new users. Additionally, by participating in the referral networking scheme, one might earn money.

What Exactly Is the Royal Q Referral Marketing Strategy?

The utilization of recommendations will enable the user to benefit from them while also earning substantial revenue. There are many different degrees of earning revenue via referrals.

  • Level 1 of the RoyalQ. First, we have the first level of revenue, where one receives a direct commission of 30 dollars for every recommended person.
  • Level 2 of the RoyalQ. A minimum of three referrals and an act of 20 users are required to earn second-level money. Those who have enrolled due to your efforts, either directly or indirectly. At this level, one receives a 40-dollar reward for a direct referral, a 30-percent bonus from the whole team, and a ten-dollar commission for each new user who registers using the activation link provided by your downline members.
  • Level 3 of the RoyalQ. From a practical standpoint, the third level grants the user access to 50 dollars in addition to a 40 percent return from the team. If you have more than five direct referrals and a team of more than 100 active users, you have reached this level of success. When a new member activates at this level, the team receives a 20-dollar commission.
  • Level 4 of the RoyalQ. Finally, we have the fourth level of referrals, which entails the user receiving 60 dollars when a direct recommendation is made and a 50 percent team incentive. In addition, when new members join via the user’s downline, the user earns a 30dollar commission. Most individuals who encourage others to join the Royal Q platform do so just for the referral incentives linked with the site. They are unconcerned with the amount of money that will be invested.

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